We urge you to present your work at the 12th ISRFG!

All abstracts for posters submitted on-time have been accepted for presentation.

We are planning to have all the posters up during the entire meeting so please try to hang up your poster before the beginning of our first workshop on Sunday.

Poster board dimensions are 4ft X 8ft (or 1.2 X 2.4 meters) and we will hang 2 posters on each side of the boards. This means your poster should be no more than 1.2 meters (~4ft) across and 1.5 meters (~5ft) tall.

Lastly, If possible please put your picture on your poster. That way people can track you down to discuss your results rather than trying to find you by reading name tags.

Poster Award Announcement

Poster Award Announcement
Poster Award Announcement

THE USE OF CAMERAS OR VIDEO EQUIPMENT IS PROHIBITEDPlease note that photographing talk slides or posters will be STRICTLY PROHIBITED at the 12th ISRFG!! Thanks in advance for your cooperation.