Full Program (updated on November 12th, 2014)

Sunday, November 16th

Sunday (11/16) 12:30-2:30
Workshop 1 - The International Rice Informatics Consortium Coordination Meeting
(Ken McNally - organizer)

Sunday (11/16) 3:00-5:00
Workshop 2 - Impact of TAL effectors on the rice genome (Frank White - organizer)
1) Adam Bogdanove (Cornell University, USA), Tunable DNA targeting specificity of TAL effector-based tools for rice functional genomics
2) Bing Yang (Iowa State University, USA), Targeted genome editing in rice using TALEN and CRISPR/Cas9
3) Frank White (Kansas State University, USA), TAL effector-mediated susceptibility in bacterial blight of rice

Sunday (11/16) 5:30-6:45
Rod A. Wing (University of Arizona, USA) & Laura Bartley (University of Oklahoma, USA), Welcome to the 12th International Symposium on Rice Functional Genomics
Parker B. Antin (Associate Dean of Research, College of Agriculture & Life Sciences, University of Arizona, USA) - Opening address
Jan Leach (Colorado State University, USA), Rice genome-enabled insights into plant biology and agriculture

Sunday (11/16) 6:45-9:00
Poster Session I (Odd numbers only) and Welcome Reception

Monday, November 17th

Monday (11/17) 8:00-9:45
Session 1*: The impact of the rice genome on plant biology and agriculture - 1
1) Naoko K. Nishizawa (University of Tokyo, Japan), Improving rice plants tolerant to low iron availability in calcareous soils for sustainable food production
2) Bin Han (Natl. Center for Gene Research, PRC) - Genomic analyses of complex traits in rice
* Session Chair - Laura Bartley (University of Oklahoma, 12thISRFG Co-Chair)

Monday (11/17) 10:15-12:30
Session 2*: Genome Biology
1) Emmanuel Guiderdoni (CIRAD, France) - Manipulation of somatic and meiotic recombinations in rice
2) Doreen Ware (USDA-ARS, CSHL, USA) - Translating Plant Genomes
3) Rod A. Wing (University of Arizona, USA) - The genome sequence of African rice (Oryza glaberrima) and evidence for independent domestication
4) W. Richard McCombie (Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, USA) - Advances in genome sequencing
*Session Chairs - Tajuki Sasaki (Tokyo University of Agriculture, Japan)

Monday (11/17) 12:30 - 2:00

Monday (11/17) 2:00-3:40
Concurrent Session 3*: Functional Genomics - Molecular Genetics
1) Fabio Fornara (University of Milan, Italy) - Genetic architecture of rice flowering in Mediterranean Europe
2) Jorge Gomez-Ariza (University of Milan, Italy) - Florigen-independent responses to photoperiod during floral transition at the shoot apical meristem of rice
3) Hiroyuki Tsuji (Nara Inst. of Science & Technology, Japan) - Coordination of flowering and gene expression by rice Hd3a florigen
4) Wanqi Liang (Shanghai Jiao Tong University, PRC) - The role of paralogous bHLH proteins in rice anther development
5) Zhi-Chang Chen (Okayama University, Japan) - Characterization of a gene controlling root growth in rice
*Session Chair - Blake Meyers (University of Delaware, USA)

Monday (11/17) 2:00-3:40
Concurrent Session 4*: Stress Biology - Mutants, Submergence & Oxidative Stress
1) Yue-ie Hsing (Academia Sinica, Taiwan) - Why the tagging efficiency is very low in rice insertion mutants?
2) Antonio Costa de Oliveira (Federal University of Pelotas, Brazil) - Evolution of the Sub1 locus in wild rice genomes
3) Narottam Dey (Visva-Bharati University, India) - Allelic Diversity study for linked SSRs and Sub1 loci in rice for submergence tolerance
4) Michael Frei (University of Bonn, Germany) Using functional genomics to study adaptation of rice to oxidative stress
5) Pallavi Singh (Natl. Inst. of Plant Genome Research, India) - The submergence tolerance gene - Sub1a1 - is regulated by a mitogen activated protein kinase during inundation in rice
*Session Chair - Anna Locke (UC Riverside, USA)

Monday (11/17) 2:00-3:40
Concurrent Session* 5: Evolutionary Biology
1) Derrick Zwickl (University of Arizona, USA) - Phylogenomic analysis of single-copy nuclear genes across the Oryza
2) Josh Stein (Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, USA) - Creation and evaluation of an integrated phylogenomics resource for the Oryza
3) Pankaj Jaiswal (Oregon State University, USA) - Reference Rice Phylogeny
4) Jorge Duitama (International Center for Tropical Agriculture, Colombia) - Whole genome sequencing of elite rice cultivars reveals recurrent copy number variation, diversity patterns, and variety specific introgression events in Oryza sativa spp. japonica and indica
5) Francois Sabot (Institut de Recherche pour le Développement, France) - An extensive analysis of the African rice genetic diversity through a global genotyping and prospective massive sequencing
*Session Chair - Marie Noelle Ndjinondjob (Africa Rice, Benin)

Monday (11/17) 4:10-6:10
Concurrent Session 6*: Functional Genomics - High Throughput Genetics
1) Francis Quetier (University of Evry, France) - Scouting for the rice of the future
2) Ki-Hong Jung (Kyung Hee University, South Korea) - Genome-wide identification and phenomic analyses of late pollen preferred genes conserved in japonica and indica cultivars
3) Paul Tanger (Colorado State University, USA) - Traditional and field scale high throughput phenotyping reveal multiple QTL from a large mapping population
4) Christopher Heffelfinger (Yale University, USA) - Flexible and scalable genotyping-by-sequencing for rice population genomics
5) Mathias Lorieux (International Center for Tropical Agriculture, Colombia) - Nested-Association Mapping population of rice: first genotyping-by-sequencing results
6) Shizhong Xu (University of California - Riverside, USA) - Genomic hybrid breeding in rice
*Session Chair - Takashi Matsumoto (NIAS, Japan)

Monday (11/17) 4:10-6:10
Concurrent Session 7*: Stress Biology - Drought
1) Sophia Henry (CIRAD, France) - OsSHR1 & OsSHR2 functions in rice root cortex formation
2) Daisuke Ogawa (NIAS/CREST, Japan) - Studies on the mechanism of drought tolerance via acetic acid
3) Chien-Ru Lin (Academia Sinica, Taiwan) - Negative regulators modulate the nutrient starvation signaling sensor SnRK1 in source-sink communication under abiotic stresses
4) Gunjan Sharma (National Inst. for Plant Genome Res., India) - Rice OsiSAP7 negatively regulates ABA and water-deficit stress signalling
5) Su-May Yu (Academia Sinica, Taiwan) - A protein regulated by a stress-inducible promoter enhances root growth and abiotic stress tolerance in rice without a yield penalty
6) Hiroaki Tamaki (University of California - Davis, USA) - Control of rice grain yield by plant hormone inhibitors
*Session Chair - Su-May Yu (Academia Sinica, Taiwan)

Monday (11/17) 4:10-6:10
Concurrent Session 8*: Evolutionary & Repeat Biology
1) Jo Messing (Rutgers University, USA) - The for-ever-young genetic blueprint of Spirodela polyrhiza
2) Hajime Ohyanagi (Nat. Inst. of Genetics, Japan) - Deciphering the Oryza officinals genome sequence & construction of genomic information infrastructure for Oryza wild accessions
3) Tatiana V Tatarinova (University of Southern California, USA) - Analysis and prediction of gene-body DNA methylation in rice
4) Dario Copetti (University of Arizona, USA) - Comparative repeat and transposable element analysis in genomes assemblies and raw unassembled reads of closely-related Oryza species and the out group Leersia perrieri
5) Ning Jiang (Michigan State University, USA) - Genetic and epigenetic impact of mutator-like elements in rice
6) Scott Jackson (University of Georgia, USA) - Identification and evolutionary analysis of TRIM transposons in 11 Oryza genomes
*Session Chair - Ning Jiang (Michigan State University, USA)

Monday (11/17) 6:10-9:00
Poster Session II (Even numbered posters) and Working Dinner

Tuesday, November 18th

Tuesday (11/18) 8:00 - 9:45
Session 9*: Impact of the rice genome on plant biology and agriculture 2
1) Gynheung An (Kyung Hee University, South Korea) - Epigenetic regulations of biomass and flowering time in rice
2) Pam Ronald (University of California - Davis, USA) - Genetic Analysis of the Rice Xa21-mediated Immune Response
3) N. Ruaraidh Sackville-Hamilton (International Rice Research Institute, Philippines) - Genebanks and the 9 billion people question
* Session Chair - Yue-ie Hsing (Academia Senica, Taiwan)

Tuesday (11/18) 10:15-12:30
Session 10*: Functional Genomics
1) Lizhong Xiong (Huazhong Agricultural University, PRC) - Combining high-throughput phenotyping and genome-wide association studies to unlock the genetic architecture of agronomical traits in rice
2) Jian Feng Ma (Okayama University, Japan) - Molecular mechanisms of mineral element distribution in rice
3) Xiangdong Fu, (Institute of Genetics & Developmental Biology, PRC) - Beyond the green revolution: new approaches for improving grain yield in rice
4) Tuan-hua David Ho (Academia Sinica, Taiwan) - Gene sharing: Flowering control locus A functions as an enhancer for ABA signaling in seed germination but does not regulate flowering in rice.
*Session Chair - Francis Quetier (University of Evry, France)

Tuesday (11/18) 12:30-2:00
Poster Session III (Odd numbered posters) and Working Lunch

Tuesday (11/18) 2:30-10:00pm
Sonoran Desert Museum - Tour/Discussions/Banquet

Wednesday, November 19th

Wednesday (11/19) 8:00-9:45
Session 11*: Using Rice Genomics to Help Solve the 9-billion People Question
1) Gurdev Khush (University of California - Davis, USA) - How to solve 9-billion people question
2) Yue-ie Hsing (Academia Sinica, Taiwan) - The utilization of rice genome sequences and tagged mutant resources to improve rice production
*Session Chair - Jo Messing (Rutgers University, USA)

Wednesday (11/19) 10:15-12:30
Session 12*: Evolutionary Biology
1) Olivier Panaud (University of Perpignan, France) - Rice as a model species to study the impact of Transposable Elements on plant genome structure and evolution
2) Manyuan Long (University of Chicago, USA) - Frequent origination of new genes in Oryza and underlying mechanistic processes
3) Rachel Meyer (New York University, USA) - Identification of new candidate African rice salt stress response genes through whole-genome resequencing
4) Cameron Johnson (University of California - Davis, USA) - Characterization of the long non-coding RNA transcriptome of rice
*Session Chair - Antonio Costa de Oliveira (Federal University of Pelotas, Brazil)

Wednesday (11/19) 12:30-2:30
Poster Session IV (Even numbered posters) and Working Lunch

Wednesday (11/19) 2:30-3:50
Concurrent Session 13*: Functional Genomics: Rice & Bioenergy
1) Laura Bartley (University of Oklahoma, USA) - Functional genomics reveals enzymes that incorporate hydroxycinnamates into rice cell walls
2) Bettina Broeckling (Colorado State University, USA) - Identifying rice genes that control plant biomass
3) Li-Fen Huang (Yuan Ze University, Taiwan) - Manipulation of transitory starch accumulation increases bioethanol production from rice straw
4) Kangmei Zhao (University of Oklahoma, USA) - Exploring the regulation of grass secondary cell wall biosynthesis via gene network analysis in rice
*Session Chair - Laura Bartley

Wednesday (11/19) 2:30-3:50
Concurrent Session 14*: Functional Genomics & Genome Biology
1) Guotian Li (University of California - Davis, USA) - Comparisons of two model rice varieties, Kitaake and Nipponbare
2) Rudie Antonise (KeyGene, Netherlands) - Molecular mutagenesis in rice for trait improvement
3) William Marande (CNRGV Plant Genomic Center, France) - Efficient genome locus identification using a non-gridded BAC library strategy
4) Jianwei Zhang (University of Arizona, USA) - Platinum standard reference genome sequencing: We can do it!
*Session Chair - Yann-Rong Lin (National Taiwan University, Taiwan)

Wednesday (11/19) 2:30-3:50
Concurrent Session 15*: Functional Genomics & Genome Biology
1) Ajay Kohli (International Rice Research Institute, Philippines) - Novel paradigms in understanding rice yield under drought: morpho-physiological, molecular and omics analyses of qDTY12.1, a model large-effect QTL
2) Pankaj Jaiswal (Oregon State University, USA) - Plant Reactome: A reference resource for analyzing plant metabolic and regulatory pathways
3) Joseph Edwards (University of California - Davis, USA) - The microbiome of cultivated rice: Structure, variation and assembly of root-associated microbiota
4) Nidhi Dwivedi (Natl. Inst. of Plant Genome Res., India) - Functional study of MED15 in Rice
*Session Chair - Bal Antonio (NIAS, Japan)

Wednesday (11/19) 4:15-6:25
Session 16*: Stress Biology
1) Harkamal Walia (University of Nebraska, USA) - Phenomics and genetic analysis for elucidating rice salinity stress responses
2) Anna Locke (University of California - Riverside, USA) - SUB1A alters transcription and metabolism during the submergence recovery period
3) Ralph Dean (North Carolina State University, USA) - Identification of novel effectors from rice blast
4) Guoliang Wang (Ohio State University, USA) - Dissection of the genetic architecture of rice resistance to the blast fungus Magnaporthe oryzae
*Session Chair - Christophe Perin (CIRAD, France)

Wednesday (11/19) 6:25-6:35
Session 17: Closing Ceremony & Welcome Address to the 13th International Symposium on Rice Functional Genomics

THE USE OF CAMERAS OR VIDEO EQUIPMENT IS PROHIBITEDPlease note that photographing talk slides or posters will be STRICTLY PROHIBITED at the 12th ISRFG!! Thanks in advance for your cooperation.